A 2016 to Remember

Happy New Year!

I’m a bit late to the party, but this iteration of the holidays has been extremely jam-packed (in a good way!). Juggling a hectic December between the Sims, the Lamanilaos, Team A, the Chorizos, and Honda friends was a clinic on time management and schedule flexibility. I honestly have not had the opportunity to open my laptop this whole 12-day break (except for the one night I left it open for the Dota 2 7.00 patch download, hihi), so there’s my excuse for the 5-day delay on this post.

2016 was a year of hyperbole, as evidenced by your social media feeds, what’s another outrageous statement to cap off the year, right? So I’ll go ahead and say it — 2016 has been my favorite year ever.

Here is a list of 2016 highlights, in chronological order:

Celebratory Dinner at Morganfields

January – Finally, Case Closed

Our long-standing case involving Dad’s estate was finally settled! After 7 long years, closure was finally reached. We didn’t get what was due to us financially, but along the arduous journey we learned so much about ourselves, how to take care of money, and sacrifice. In the end we fought for what we believed in, and in the process upheld our morals and values that Mom and Dad tried mightily (and succeeded!) to instill in us since we were born.

Kanin Club Despedida for Mom and Lola

March – Mom’s Brief Visit

So in September 2015, things changed in the Sim household; Ate, Roger, Queenie, Jellie,  Micah, and I were left to fend for ourselves, while Mom went to the promised land (United States). Happily, though, Mom came to visit us in March, and we got to spend a good 2 months with her and Lola Mameng. Coming home to hot food (not from Mcdonalds or SnR) was a feeling I missed, and for these 2 months there was hot food to be had (thinking about the tortang talong and all kinds of soupy concoctions still makes my mouth water).

Stunning Breakfast View at Miniloc

April – El Nido Explored

Micah and I got to experience livin-the-life in El Nido. Miniloc Island was our resort of choice, a package scored at one of the travel expos we went to in 2015. It was expensive, and the hesitation was there at first (How could it not be? The price per head was 5 figures!). But man, was it worth it. The pristine waters, powdery sand, gorgeous sunset viewed at sea, tranquil island life, and every-meal-buffet experience — what more can anyone ask for? El Nido was a magical experience and it is going to be near-impossible to top in succeeding anniversaries. Good luck, Jase.

Clingy Friends Invade Puka

August – Boracay with the CFs

Boracay holds a place close to my heart because it is the first vacation destination that I truly have wanted to go to but never got the chance to as an adolescent. That all changed in 2013 when Micah and I got to go with AJone. This past year, we got to drink the days and nights away in Boracay with the CFs! We consumed a fair (or unfair, depending on how you look at it) share of empy lights, coke, and beer, and it is safe to say that with Micah, Jobz, Fefu, and yours truly, the party never stops in Boracay.

Stronger with Gold’s

September – Get Fit, Lose Fat

What started as a cramming project with the goal of a Bora-bod turned out to be a mini-obsession with hitting the gym and getting healthy. Instead of falling back on old habits as the -ber months loomed, I worked doubly hard after getting back from the island and am so far reaping the rewards. Aside from the weight lost (from 198 to 173), 2016 churned out a Jase who felt healthier, fresher, and lighter.

Obligatory Turnover Shot

October – Property Number 1

I’ve done a lot of adulting this past year, but the one situation that struck me the most was in processing the turnover of my first piece of property. Taking out a loan, getting a CENOMAR (LOL), signing turnover documents, and layout planning were all firsts for me. The next investments should be easier, and I do sure hope there will be more in the near future!

Autumn in Japan

November – Jase in Japan (with a cameo by Justin)

Have you ever gotten the feeling that life went into fast forward? This was me in Japan. Planned for 2018 to give us adequate time to save up, Micah’s work assignment in Yokohama sped up the timeline a touch. What was already a wonderful year pre-November was taken up approximately 4189787 gambillion notches, and the Japan trip was really just icing on the cake for 2016’s awesomeness (Japan trip details in a separate post).

November – Birth of a Blog

I’ve always wanted to write about food, as evidenced by my contributions to Feed the Sims. But aside from my love for food, I also wanted a space to share my thoughts about life, travel, love, and everything else under the sun. Random ramblings are a big part of who I am in real life (everyone knows how true this is), and last November, with the birth of this blog, I now have a place where I can be who I am, this time in the digital cyberspace. This 2017, you can expect more posts and more puns (which are hopefully good) from me!

Us Featuring my Awesome Neckpillow (Thanks Q!)

December – Hohoholidays

This was an interesting December, to say the least. I spent Christmas with the Philippines-based Sims + extensions – Micah, then New Year with the Lamanilaos. A Linden vacation with Team A and a binge-drinking session with the Chorizos rounded out the Holidays, which consisted of loads of food, booze, and a haul which I can call the best in recent memory (pics to follow). Overall, December was a blast, and the first order of business for January is to find ways to shed all the accrued weight ASAP.

Cropped Uni Scallop.jpg
Me Devouring Scallop and Uni Aburi from Tsukiji

January to December – Food Fit for Kings

2016 was a year of stuffing things in my mouth and appreciating culinary masterpieces. And like all things artistic, these range from “crazy complicated” (how the heck did they season that chicken at Belly Rub?!) to “so simple even a monkey could do it” (Yellow Cab Sriracha Chicken literally takes one step to cook). I do admit that I can be a food snob sometimes, but 2016 provided me with a lot more highs than lows. “Satisfied” is an understatement for the year’s food adventures.

2016 was dope, lit, and legit. I got to dab in multiple countries, visit different islands, and sample various cuisines. There was so much to be thankful for, and it really is a testament of the mantra that if a person wants something bad enough, he will do anything to get it. With Micah (and Coco) by my side, the family always there to back me up, and the friends to provide some much-needed comedic relief on occasion, 2016 was a year to remember. My memory bank is a lot heavier to kick off the year, so here’s to 2017 providing a lot more moments to cherish.



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